PowerHop, LLC


PowerHop, LLC is a small business that separates itself from the pack by letting excellence, not profit, be the company’s primary motive and metric of success.  Our goal is to only hire the best of the best and deliver our customers with the best possible results.

Our employees are the type who are at the top of their field, and are frequently requested by name by clients in industry and the Government/Military.  PowerHop provides its employees the unique and flexible environment required high-caliber engineers and managers.

If you think you have the right stuff, please check out our Career Opportunities.

What’s Behind the Name?

The name “PowerHop” references an entity moving forward in a strong manner.  Specifically for us, we provide opportunities for improved communication capabilities for our customers.  Our roots in digital signal processing (DSP) run deep and enable previously unheard-of abilities to move voice and data locally and around the globe.


About PowerHop

Delivering top-shelf professional services and solutions for Department of Defense and Intelligence Community clients

  1. -Systems Engineering

  2. -Mobile Application Development

  3. -Embedded Software Engineering

  4. -Digital Signal Processing